As many of you already know, President Trump nominated philanthropist Betsy DeVos, of Grand Rapids, to be his new administration’s U.S. Secretary of Education.

th9Y6KHSC3Mrs. DeVos’ name is well-known in Michigan; her nomination has sparked controversy due to her support for school choice and for her ability to raise millions (and give millions) to the Republican Party. Her husband, Dick, is an heir to the Amway fortune and a supporter of  “right-to-work” laws.

Eva Moskowitz, of the Success Academy Charter Schools, believes Mrs. DeVos would do an outstanding job, as Ed. Sec., shaking up the status quo. Read her piece. Conversely, Karen Braun, of Stop Common Core/Michigan, complains about DeVos’ ties to the Common Core Standards-friendly Great Lakes Education Project. Read her piece here.

And here’s more pro and con arguments.

Mrs. DeVos’ critics have also complained about her lack of professional experience in education. Whatcha think: Is this a plus or minus?

The U.S. Senate panel vote on her nomination is expected today. But it ain’t over, till it’s over. Stay tuned.

Update: BD confirmed on Feb. 7. Veep Pence casts the historic, deciding vote.