Proud MI alum, Dr. Lou

Dr. Lou Zako, ECRP vice-chair and Petoskey News-Review editorialist, has been carefully weighing in on the topic of social pathologies – difficult issues such as poverty and racism.

In his most recent column,  the good doctor discusses war. Specifically, how a strong military not only discourages war but it also discourages isolationism. Quote: “So one may ask what is a better treatment for war? I would submit that a militarily-dominate U.S., recognized by every nation on earth as a beacon for freedom, in alliance with other freedom-loving nations, is a far better deterrent to war than a feckless UN, the majority members of which consists of dictatorships.”

Read it all, and note that this column features a bonus – a mention of Lou and M.J.’s mission trip to the small African nation of Rwanda.