A note from Chair Dennis Kelly: We should all be very proud and grateful for the overwhelming success of our County’s efforts in the 2018 midterm election.  In every race, Emmet County soundly defeated every attempt the Democrats made against our Republican candidates.

For our State House 107th District, Lee Chatfield received 24,232 votes to Joanne Galloway 16,856 (59% to 41%).  For our State Senate 37th District Wayne Schmidt also clobbered his Democrat opponent by 20,000 votes.  For our U.S. Congressional 1st District, General Jack Bergman thoroughly thumped Matt Morgan by 13 percentage points.  All of our Republican County Commissioner candidates soundly won their positions making it a clean sweep.  Also, both of our neighboring State Reps. Sue Allor and Triston Cole handily won their bids for re-election.  A hearty congratulations to them all!

So, for Emmet County it is clear: “Nobody comes in our house and pushes us around,” Dan Devine, Notre Dame football coach. Campaign 2020 begins … today!