Jim Linderman, of Harbor Springs, is Emmet County’s long-serving Prosecuting Attorney. He is a U.S. Army veteran and serves among the leadership of the ECRP’s Executive Board.

As the chief law enforcement official of the county, Mr. Linderman prosecutes violations of felony and misdemeanor criminal laws, as well as presiding at monthly Concealed Weapons Licensing Board meetings.

Mr. Linderman is also a proponent of ‘we the people’ politicking.

He states:I strongly believe that concerned citizens need to make their wishes known to our elected representatives on the state and federal level.

To implement this goal, it is important that a ‘grassroots’ movement be started and sustained so these wishes are known to and understood by our elected officials. By taking this action, we can convey what we believe responsible government consists of when legislative action is undertaken.

I am a sportsman with a love of the outdoors including hunting and shooting sports. Therefore, I believe it is fundamental that our Constitutional freedoms, as guaranteed by the 2nd Amendment, and our additional guaranteed rights, not be eroded in the name of security by those elected officials. “