Meeting opened at 7:06 P.M.




Pete & Julie Wallin

Jim Linderman

Dennis Kelly

Paul Nelson

Jenny Nolan

Fred Simons

Jonathon Klonowski

Rich Ginop

Sherry Loar Trudell

Greg Somers

Karen LaCross

Nancy Sarowski

John Ferguson




Lou Zako

Al Elya




Jannifer Blanchard


A presentation by District Deputy Director, James Hogge about the agenda for preparing for the election, and what kind of things the state can provide. He presented a Power Point and gave us his email and phone number. JHOGGE@MIGOP.ORG. 517-331-5743.


2016 GOP goals:


-Hold Republican majority in house

-Re-Elect Justice Viviano

-Elect newly appointed Supreme Court Justice

-Retain 9 republican congressional seats

-Build the foundation for 2016 Field Program


Training available:

 Volunteer Retention

 Use Social Media

 Use Data better

 Get out the vote

 Poll watchers/challengers





Treasurer’s report: Greg Somers handed out a spread sheet showing the finances from last year.


-Started the year with $5,698.51

-Budget for last year was $706.29

-What was actually spent $1,547.58


-This was exceeded by the decision to give $1,000.00 to Lee Chatfield.

-If you take off the money given to Lee Chatfield, we actually spent less than our budget.


-There are about 40 dues paying members.

-There are about 48 precinct delegates. We need to do a better job of reaching out to them and the public, in general.


Request to membership to pay their dues.


Ideas: Mention physical responsibility shown this year, and plans for this year, and our disappointments with D.C. and Lansing.


-A Resolution had been sent out via email to approve a resolution to implore our D.C. congress members to impeach President Obama.


Dennis Kelly moved to adopt the resolution

Sherry Loar Trudell seconded it.


Discussion against it for the strong language in one paragraph. A second, softer tone was suggested.


Dennis withdrew his original movement and asked for the resolution to be passed with the changes. Rich seconded the motion and a vote was called for.


Motion died due to lack of support


-A survey was sent out via Survey Monkey:

 250 received the survey

 17 responded

 2 negative

 6 no opinion

 8 never attended a meeting

 9 attended a lunch, or general meeting

 14 said yes to vetting candidates

 11 said to hold republicans to platform

There were several positive comments made by the body at large for the job that Nancy was doing for our county republican party.


-John said he would organize the fair booth

-Advertising items were brought up.

 Harbor light paper is less expensive and widely read.

 Need to get a big name to a meeting/event

 Debate could be covered by the News Review

 Put in meeting times in the free section of the paper




 County convention: March 22nd

 County convention: August 11th

 State convention: August 27-28

 RNC National Convention Delegates August 27th


-Dates to remember:

 Presidential primary March 8th

 Primary August 2nd for us congressman, state rep, township positions

 General Election on November 8th (A call was made to possibly ask to take that day off for get out the vote, poll watching, etc.


-Filing deadline for Delegates is April 19th.

 forms are online


-Need support volunteers for candidates


-A request was made to find a sign center to rent near the election time. A few ideas were suggested and those who suggested them said that they would follow up on them.


Fred Simons volunteered to organize an election committee to handle all election activities other than candidates for the Emmet County Commissioner positions.


February 1st meeting is an “open mike night.” and that Dennis Kelly wanted to talk about the Omnibus bill. Others can bring up any subject they want to.


Meeting closed at 8:36 pm


Respectfully submitted,


Karen LaCross