Executive Committee Meeting


-Meeting opened at 6:10 p.m.

-Pledge of allegiance

-Invocation by Nancy Sarowski

-Roll call 15 members present

Jim Linderman

Marilyn May

Juli Wallin

Nancy Sarowski

John Ferguson

Karen LaCross

Allen Elya

Rich Ginop

Dennis Kelly

Johnathon Klonowski

Sherry Loar-Trudell

Paul Nelson

Jenny Nolan

Mark Rosczewski

Greg Somers

-3 excused

Michelle Cooke

Lou Zako

Pete Wallin

Discussion on accepting the minutes: Discussion asked for certain corrections.

-Add to the excused members: Marylin May, Michelle Cooke, Juli Wallin, and       Jim Linderman.

-Add email vote for approving the budget was confirmed by vote on 02/02/2015

-Add the words, “and district” between “state” and “officers” to description of the            speakers we had at the February 2nd meeting.

-Motion made to approve February 2nd minutes by Jonathan Klonowski, seconded by Al             Elya. Passed by voice vote.

-205 Mailings sent out for dues

-Looking for volunteers to set up speakers for further meetings

-Reagan dinner- Big name possible

-Publicity-Costs for publicity and the effectiveness of each media were discussed.

-Dennis mentioned good ad against Prop 1

-Website needs info from a few of the Executive Committee. It’s almost done but needs some tweaking.

-Changes for Amendments to our bi-laws presented: Discussion opened.

-1st amendment: In  “All vacancies…” sentence…Change “at the next” to “an”

Motion to amend, Rich Ginop/Second Sherry Loar Trudell. Motion passed.

-2nd amendment: Remove the whole sentence that refers to 45 days.

Motion to amend, Al Elya/Second John Ferguson. Motion passed.

Motion to fill vacancy tonight by Rich Ginop/Second by Dennis Kelly

Discussion. Want to have a Q & A of Candidates for Executive Committee: Brian Somerfield and Fred Simons

-Secret ballot vote

-Fred Simon was elected

-Resolution presented to officially reject Prop 15-1 on May 5th ballot. Some revisions made.  Passed by voice vote.

-March meeting to be run by John Ferguson

-March speaker is Lee Chatfield- Video choice by Karen will be Bill Whittle: Number one with a bullet.

-Adjourned 6:40 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Karen LaCross, Secretary