Executive Committee Meeting


-Meeting opened at 6:03 p.m.

-Pledge of allegiance

-Invocation by Nancy Sarowski

-Roll call 11 members present

Nancy Sarowski

John Ferguson

Karen LaCross

Allen Elya

Rich Ginop

Dennis Kelly

Johnathon Klonowski

Sherry Loar-Trudell

Paul Nelson

Jenny Nolan

Mark Rosczewski

-4 excused

Greg Somers

Mike Sullivan

Lou Zako

Pete Wallin)


-Motion to approve January 5th minutes by Jonathan Klonowski, seconded by John Ferguson.  No discussion requested.  Passed by voice vote

-February speaker is Rusty Chatfield- Video choice Red Skelton.

-March speaker is Lee Chatfied. Video choice: Karen will choose and get to Jonathan Klonowski so he can set it up.

-April speaker is Bill McMaster -Video choice: Karen will choose and get to Jonathan Klonowski so he can set it up.

-May no speaker, instead, the video “Agenda Grinding Down America”.

-June No meeting because of Top of the Nob Party.

-July- No meeting as it is near 4th of July

-John Ferguson will contact former governor’s representative for northern Michigan area to find out who the new contact is. (Governor’s ears and eyes) (Old governor’s liaison possible speaker for future meeting?)

-Set up for February, April and May meetings at Northern Lights Recreation Center. $100.00 would get us the chairs set up and coffee

-Motion by Karen for the February 2th, April 6th, May 4th meetings to spend $100.00 for Northern Lights to set up and provide beverages. second by Rich Ginop.  No discussion requested.  Passed by voice vote.

-Mark Rosczewski put together and sent out a delegate packet. Our intention is to send out to all of the first district republican groups. Excellent job Mark.

-Jenny Nolan: Stephanie and Carolyn co-chairs for events committee. Events to be discussed and presented at next meeting.

-Gail Koslowski is gathering people to write letters to the editor throughout the 1st district over the gas tax hike.

-Rebecca Cameron put out a monthly newsletter for the Emmet Co. Republican Women’s group, and will now do an electronic form for us.

-John has talked to Greg Marshall at 1270 am and Brian Sommerfield at Patriot Voice Radio about air time for him to be on the air on a regular basis.

-There is a $500.00 budget available.

-John talked of news releases through the paper. Petoskey News Review is very receptive of working with us.                  John will get them the announcements of our meetings dates and times.

-Jonathan Klonowski is looking into making a Website, Facebook, and Twitter account for us. Discussion was held over who would be in control and own domains.

-Old business: Budget approval has to be postponed until Greg Somers can join us.

-$100.00 Membership clarification of “deal.” Too confusing and not a “deal.”

-Jenny Nolan moves to separate the dues from the events and eliminate the $100.00 category. Seconded by Dennis Kelly.  No discussion asked for.  Passed by voice vote.

-Inactive members asked to be removed from most of our emails. According to the bylaws, we have to send them the notices of the meetings and the times. They will only be sent convention notices and executive meeting dates and times.

-Approve the name tags. Nancy showed the size and color and gave us the cost of $8.00 each.  Color voted to be red and white. 4-6.  Rich Ginop motioned to send $152.00 + tax to pay for permanent name tags. Seconded by John Ferguson.  No discussion requested.  Passed by voice vote.

-Website info shared. Keith Alan Almli has put together the website for the Antrim Co website. He will put one together for us. Then he is only there for the first year. after that,  he would be there to answer questions. $10.00 monthly fee after first year.

-He will host website.

-We would own the domain name

-Content would be maintained by Jonathan Klonowski and Brian Sommerfield with advisory from Nancy.

-Total payment to Keith Almli would be $520.16.  John Ferguson motioned to spend the $520.16.  Seconded by Mark Rosczewski.  No discussion called for.  Passed by voice vote.

-February 2nd will have 11 delegates that are running for state offices to come. 5 minutes only each speaker. Then Rusty Chatfield will speak.

-February 5th convention at the courthouse.

-Nancy will be the temporary chair.

-Karen will be the temporary secretary.

-Mark Rosczweski and Allen Elya will be tellers

-Back up tellers Sherry Loar Trudell, Rich Ginop.

-Convention information:

-District state caucus at 7:00 on Friday

-Voting for State officials at 9:00.

-Delegates should plan on being there until 5-6 o’clock (regardless of the 1:00 end time) to make sure of                           counting votes

-March 2nd general meeting- John Ferguson is running meeting.

-No executive committee meeting before general meeting.

Lee Chatfield town hall meeting at North Perk brewing on January 30th @ 10 or 11 a.m.

-April 6th No executive committee meeting before the general meeting.

-John Ferguson will make sure the room is set up.

-Mike Sullivan is asking for endorsement for him running for the office that he currently holds. Our bylaws allow for it.  Motion by Sherry Loar Trudell seconded by John Fergusen to endorse him.  Minor clarification during brief discussion.  Passed by voice vote.

-Adjourned 7:50 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Karen LaCross, Secretary