Compassionate physician Lou Zako laments the blatant censorship of the Unplanned movie in northern Michigan.

He writes in the Petoskey News-Review: “Like almost everyone in Harbor Springs, I was thrilled when the Lyric Theater opened, have seen more movies there since it first opened than I have for decades, and have promoted it to friends far and wide. However, its blatant censorship of a pro-life movie has deeply disturbed and deeply disappointed me.

Those of us who believe In the sanctity of all life have a constitutional right to express our views and our deeply-held beliefs and to push back vigorously against those who would attempt to censor us or our views.”

Amen. Keep pushing back, ladies and gentlemen!

5/15 Update: Dr. Lou was informed yesterday, by the Lyric’s general manager, that Unplanned will now be shown for one week, beginning this Friday (5/17), in the smallest of the three venues at the Lyric, the 24-seat screening room.