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A Drug Awareness Presentation

Trooper Hebner

Please join us at our March 4th, 2019 meeting, 7 p.m. at the Northern Lights Recreation conference room on M-119 in Harbor Springs. We have invited two speakers to discuss current drug trends in our community. They will explain the new recreational marijuana law, the rise of opioid use, and vaping.

You will not want to miss this informative, provocative presentation.

The speakers are …

Susan Pulaski, Community Health Supervisor, Health Department of Northwest Michigan; Project Coordinator, SAFE in Northern Michigan

Trooper Corey Hebner, CSO, MI State Police, 7th District, Gaylord post

Zako: “No” to Recreational Marijuana

In his latest piece, Lou Zako, the conservative columnist for the Petoskey News-Review, opines about the legalization of the recreational use of marijuana.

Dr. Zako, who is also a semi-retired physician, writes, “There is a growing body of evidence of the damage to the brains of teenagers from regular marijuana usage, and a growing number of traffic accidents and deaths due to driving by those who are ‘stoned.’ Further, the confusion over the legal status of marijuana usage, with it currently being illegal under federal law, while legal under state law in a number of states, leads to the same confused ‘public approach to this issue as the example of illegal immigration being ‘illegal’ under federal law, while ‘legal’ in some states and some cities. For those who doubt that marijuana is a gateway drug to addiction by narcotics and other hard drugs, I would challenge the reader to talk to a number of addicts or recovering addicts for their views on this question.”

As is said on the internets, read the whole thing!

P.S. Here is the language of the 2018 Michigan initiative that, if it passes, would regulate marijuana like alcohol.

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