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Immigration: National and Economic Security Issue

Dr. Lou Zako has written two columns about immigration for the Petoskey News-Review.

The first one is about comprehensive immigration reform.

The second one is about border security.

Dr. Zako  logically echoes the sentiments of many Americans when he makes this point about the massive crowd of Central Americans traveling from Guatemala to the United States: “Our current refugee laws are a joke, as we watch well-organized ‘caravans,’ consisting primarily of young men, generally well-fed, some waving foreign flags, move steadily toward our southern border. Americans deserve reassurance that those who are admitted as refugees are neither terrorists, gangsters, drug dealers, or simply among the billions of people around the world living in less prosperous countries than the U.S.”

Dr. Zako Ponders Socialism, Limited Government

Charles Fourier, utopian socialism founder

The vice-chair of the ECRP, Dr. Lou Zako, continues his quest to offer an important counter-culture viewpoint on the opinion pages of the Petoskey News-Review.

His latest column is titled: The wonders of socialism?

Dr. Zako ponders, ” … how much of my own hard-earned wealth do I wish to share with those of my neighbors who do not have as much wealth. I can share either voluntarily through charity donations or by compulsion through taxation, or through a combination of the two. I am personally comfortable with both charity-giving and some level of taxation. I come down on the side of limited government and limited taxation, both because government is often highly inefficient and sometimes corrupt in its use of our tax dollars and because the more of our individual wealth is confiscated by government, the less personal freedom we have.”

Zako: “No” to Recreational Marijuana

In his latest piece, Lou Zako, the conservative columnist for the Petoskey News-Review, opines about the legalization of the recreational use of marijuana.

Dr. Zako, who is also a semi-retired physician, writes, “There is a growing body of evidence of the damage to the brains of teenagers from regular marijuana usage, and a growing number of traffic accidents and deaths due to driving by those who are ‘stoned.’ Further, the confusion over the legal status of marijuana usage, with it currently being illegal under federal law, while legal under state law in a number of states, leads to the same confused ‘public approach to this issue as the example of illegal immigration being ‘illegal’ under federal law, while ‘legal’ in some states and some cities. For those who doubt that marijuana is a gateway drug to addiction by narcotics and other hard drugs, I would challenge the reader to talk to a number of addicts or recovering addicts for their views on this question.”

As is said on the internets, read the whole thing!

P.S. Here is the language of the 2018 Michigan initiative that, if it passes, would regulate marijuana like alcohol.

Op-Ed: Do more laws create more tyranny?

In his latest column for the Petoskey News-Review about the Parkland and YouTube shootings, Dr. Lou Zako notes:

“After each of these tragedies we witness loud demands for stricter gun laws, unfortunately often accompanied by advocates for such laws calling those who disagree murderers, people with blood on their hands, people who want children killed. More recently we have witnessed the phenomenon of accompanying such demands with demands that the children must be heard.

Unfortunately, when one group of zealots accuses another group of having blood on their hands, it becomes impossible to have a rational debate over measures which might reduce future violent acts. Simply passing a new law or laws, in this case, for stricter gun control, borders on insanity when the hundreds of existing laws are either ignored or not enforced.”

He goes on to ask many important questions; read it here, leave a comment!

Columnist Zako Tackles Civil Discourse, Hypocrisy

Proud UM alum, Dr. Lou

Vice-chair of the ECRP, Dr. Louis Zako, gamely offers the conservative viewpoint on the editorial pages of the Petoskey News-Review.

He (recently) wrote this column, about political discourse and civility.  And this one which deals with the hypocrisy of modern-day liberalism.

Here’ a snippet from the latter column:

“Whereas liberals of past decades believed in individual liberty, a strong national defense, and championed causes which benefitted working Americans, today’s liberals concentrate on identity politics, political correctness, abortion ‘rights’ at all costs, calling anyone who disagrees with their extremist views ‘racists,’ and lust for power.”

Read it all! And a ‘keep up the good work’ for Dr. Lou for being willing/able to publicly share his opinions in the mainstream media.

Update: Here’s his first 2018 column on medical insurance.

Lou Zako Pens Healthcare Commentary, Part 3

The political pundit with the fab MJ Zako

Dr. Lou Zako, vice-chair of the ECRP, has penned his final installment, for the Petoskey News-Review, about the federal government, and it’s role in ‘healthcare.’

He writes: “I will simply state that I am no fan of Obamacare, primarily because I believe that government should have a very limited role in the provision of medical care, not dictating to doctors and their patients what drugs they may use, whether they should be hospitalized, or whether they need an MRI.’

Read it all. The ending is quite powerful!

P.S. A very interesting article about Dr. Zako’s humanitarian work in Ethiopia.

Dr. Lou Zako Debuts as Pundit

The budding pundit with the fab MJ

Lou Zako, or as we affectionately call him “Old Country Doc,” has written his first column for the Petoskey News-Review.  The column is a discussion on health care and the Affordable Care Act, or as we affectionately call the latter “ObamaCare.”

The money quote from Doc Zako’s piece: “I do not know about you, but I get my ‘health care’ at a gym, and get ‘medical care’ in a doctor’s office or in a hospital.” Read the whole thing.

Assistant editor Craig Currier, explains why the Doc, who participates in overseas mission trips, was tapped to be a contributor to the editorial page.

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