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Do U.S. Immigration Policies Benefit Americans?

In the final installment of the immigration series he has written for the Petoskey News-Review, Dr. Lou Zako makes a bold closing argument on behalf of the American people. He writes, “Any government that places the interests of foreigners above those of its own citizens, including those at the bottom of the economic ladder, is not the government I wish for myself, my children, my neighbors.”

Dr. Zako, ECRP vice-chair, is the son of immigrants from the Middle East (Syria). Here is a delightful photo of him and M.J. from their “salad days.”

Immigration: National and Economic Security Issue

Dr. Lou Zako has written two columns about immigration for the Petoskey News-Review.

The first one is about comprehensive immigration reform.

The second one is about border security.

Dr. Zako¬† logically echoes the sentiments of many Americans when he makes this point about the massive crowd of Central Americans¬†traveling from Guatemala to the United States: “Our current refugee laws are a joke, as we watch well-organized ‘caravans,’ consisting primarily of young men, generally well-fed, some waving foreign flags, move steadily toward our southern border. Americans deserve reassurance that those who are admitted as refugees are neither terrorists, gangsters, drug dealers, or simply among the billions of people around the world living in less prosperous countries than the U.S.”

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