Emmet County is looking for a few good women and men!

From the website: “The Board of Commissioners appoints Board and Committee members from a pool of applicants when positions become available. Openings occur on committees at various times throughout the year.  Please feel free to submit an application at any time and it will be held and considered should an opening on a committee become available.”

Current Open Positions: Planning Commission, Brownfield Redevelopment Authority
Construction Resource Committee (1 openings Plumbing Contractor)
Economic Development Corporation (2 openings)
Historical Commission
Parks & Rec (2 openings)
Regional Prosperity Board (2 openings)
Sanitary Board of Appeals

Fill out this form if you are interested, and return it to Juli Wallin, County Clerk. Note: These appointments are for one year terms, and the term expires on 12-31-19.