ECRP Wishes You and Yours a Happy Thanksgiving

New ECRP Team Elected!

Congratulations to our new Precinct Delegates, Executive Board members, and Officers, elected via our virtual County Convention Wednesday, November 18, 2020. 

New Precinct Delegates:

Richard Anderson, Littlefield Township
Mark Drier, McKinley Township
Jim Kargol, Bear Creek Township, Precinct 2
Wid Lyman, City of Petoskey, Ward 2


The new Executive Committee of the Emmet County Republican Party who will serve a two year term effective 11/18/2020:

Douglas Byron
Nick Collias
Brandon Kargol
Johnathon Klonowski
Izzy Lyman
Jenny Nolan
Fredric Simons
Geri Szymanski
Janet Szymanski
Jerome Weedman
Karen Weedman
Carolyn Whittle
Lou Zako
Mary Jane Zako


New Officers, Effective January 1, 2021:

Chairman: Izzy Lyman
Vice Chair: Brandon Kargol
Treasurer: Geri Szymanski
Secretary: Jenny Nolan

Classy Patriots Flock to the Nation’s Capital

The glorious, orderly scene at today’s Million MAGA March in Washington, D.C.

Law enforcement are estimating 200,000 (but possibly 500,000) people attended the historic event including a drive-by from the President.

Photo credit: Meriweather.

Stop the Steal!

Twas the Night Before the Election …

and POTUS and the VEEP came to northern Michigan for one final campaign push! Hello, Traverse City.

Kudos to the red wave supporters that braved the blustery weather, for many hours, to support Donald J. Trump and Mike Pence. Let’s Roll!

Make Halloween Great Again

Trick or Treat? The Trumpkin facemask can double as a costume accessory and a political statement. Happy October 31st!


In Lansing, Today! POTUS

Make America Great Again, Again, Mr. President. Video from today’s rally in Lansing, MI (at the airport). Only one week remains until the November the 3rd presidential election. Please vote to re-elect Donald J. Trump! #RedWave

Next Weekend: Selfies for Trump (and other fun stuff!)


Also … a Trump 2020 rally at the Petoskey “pit” on Saturday, 10/24 from noon to 2 p.m.

Bold & Fun Trump Headquarters in Petoskey Center

This is HUGE! There is a new Trump headquarters in Emmet County (to obtain free yard signs for the President and other candidates!) in Petoskey on E. Mitchell Street … in the building that used to house the Family Video store. It is a primo location, as it’s right across the street from “the hole.” The large, marquee signs are especially eye-catching.

Thanks to Mr. Bob Berg for the use of the building, and to Mr. Herb Friske (pictured below with Tara and Penny) and his team for setting it all up.


Enjoying An Autumn Afternoon with “Uncle Frank”

The ECRP’sFall Funraiser, held at Uncle Frank’s Apple Town in Brutus, was festive and pleasant.

Attendees went on a hayride, drank fresh-pressed cider, hobnobbed in the barn, and took in the pumpkins and Halloween decorations.

All who attended and helped the Emmet County GOP raise funds for a worthy cause are much appreciated! #MAGA #TRUMP2020

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