Columnist Zako Tackles Civil Discourse, Hypocrisy

Proud UM alum, Dr. Lou

Vice-chair of the ECRP, Dr. Louis Zako, gamely offers the conservative viewpoint on the editorial pages of the Petoskey News-Review.

He (recently) wrote this column, about political discourse and civility.  And this one which deals with the hypocrisy of modern-day liberalism.

Here’ a snippet from the latter column:

“Whereas liberals of past decades believed in individual liberty, a strong national defense, and championed causes which benefitted working Americans, today’s liberals concentrate on identity politics, political correctness, abortion ‘rights’ at all costs, calling anyone who disagrees with their extremist views ‘racists,’ and lust for power.”

Read it all! And a ‘keep up the good work’ for Dr. Lou for being willing/able to publicly share his opinions in the mainstream media.

Update: Here’s his first 2018 column on medical insurance.

Sullivan Tapped for MI GOP Leadership Post

A Facebook message from Mike Sullivan which he posted on Dec. 9, 2017:

“Thank you to all of my supporters in the Michigan Republican Party for encouraging me to place my name into consideration to fill the Youth Vice Chair vacancy. It was a busy last couple of months in which I did my very best in delivering my message to our party. I am excited to say that the Michigan Republican State Committee, earlier today, cast a unanimous ballot and selected me for the position.”

Congratulations, Mike!

Mike, an Emmet County Precinct Delegate, replaces Michael Banerian.

Photo of the victor shortly after getting selected. Mike is pictured with Christina Barr who is the newly-elected Coalitions Vice-Chair of the Michigan GOP.

Pensler Opposes Sanctuary Cities

Sandy Pensler, Grosse Pointe businessman, Harvard law grad, and a Republican, is campaigning against Debbie Stabenow for the U.S. Senate seat long held by the Michigan politician.

The candidate’s Facebook page recently featured this message: “In 2015, Kate Steinle was killed by a convicted felon illegal immigrant who had been released onto the street by the city of San Francisco instead of detained as requested by federal authorities. Shortly after that, Senator Debbie Stabenow refused to support ‘Kate’s Law’ to crack down on illegal immigrant felons. Now a San Francisco jury has acquitted her killer. Sandy Pensler thinks it’s time sanctuary cities enforced the law.”

Here’s Mr. Pensler’s campaign website.

Calley Running for Governor

Michigan Lt. Gov. Brian Calley announced today that he is joining the 2018 GOP race for governor.

Calley, a part-time state legislature supporter, stated the following on his Facebook page:  “I am proud to have been an integral part of Michigan’s extraordinary rise from the recession that plagued our state during the ‘Lost Decade.’ We set out to make Michigan the comeback state and that’s exactly what we did.

I am running for Governor to build on this strong foundation and make Michigan the most prosperous state in the nation.”

Emmet County Wants YOU!

If you are interested in public service, consider being a part of one of the Committees or Boards that have been established in Emmet County. There are several opportunities to serve.

Current Open Positions: 

Advisory Committee on Aging
Regional Prosperity Board (2 openings)
Airport (1 opening)
Construction Resource Committee (7 openings & must have specialized qualifications)
Northern Lakes Economic Alliance (2 openings)
Planning Commission (3 openings)

For more information on the process, the various committees, and the application form that needs to be filled out if you’re game, go here.

Or, you can also contact your Commissioner.

Chatfield Hosts Fundraiser for Leonard

Join Speaker Pro Tempore Lee Chatfield for a Fall Fundraiser in honor of Speaker of the House Tom Leonard, candidate for Michigan Attorney General.

The fundraiser will be held, from 6-8 pm, on Friday, November 10, 2017 at Stafford’s Bay View Inn’s Howard Room in Petoskey.

Tickets are $100 per person, $175 per couple. Make checks payable to “Tom Leonard for Michigan.”

RSVP to LeonardforAG@gmail.com.

Special Guest: Congressman Jack Bergman Pictured: Speaker Leonard

Superintendent Scholten to Speak to ECRP

The Emmet County Republican Party will host a General Meeting on October 30th at 7:00 pm at the Northern Lights Recreation Center conference room located off M-119 in Harbor Springs.

ECRP Chair Dennis Kelly explains the agenda for the Oct. meeting: “On November 7, 2017, voters in each of the 11 Charlevoix-Emmet ISD public school districts will be asked to consider an enhancement millage proposal of 1.0 mill for 10 years.  If approved, each of the 11 school districts in Char-Em ISD would receive an additional $615 per student for operations starting with the 2018-2019 school year.

Since 2008-09, state funding has not kept up with inflation, causing districts to reduce or eliminate programs, classroom materials, and staff.

An enhancement millage is the only option for school districts to request operational funding from the public beyond funding provided by the State.  Dr. John Scholten (pictured), Superintendent of the Public Schools of Petoskey, will provide an overview of this [education millage] and answer questions you may have about the request.  Please plan to attend this very important and informative meeting.  We will all be asked to vote on this issue on Tuesday, November 7th, and this meeting will allow you to make an educated decision.”

Bring a guest, too!

Update: A letter arguing for a no vote on this millage.

MI Senate Candidate to Appear on Fox News

U.S Senate candidate John James, a combat veteran who resides in Farmington Hills, will be on national television tomorrow.

Saith Candidate James: “I’ll be sharing my conservative outsider message centered on national security and economic opportunity with Fox & Friends Thursday morning at 8:20 a.m. ET on The Fox News Channel.”

Tune in to learn more about this dynamic Republican who wants to oust Democrat Debbie Stabenow. Here’s his campaign web site.

Update: Here’s the interview.

John and Elizabeth James & sons

Blast from the Past

When ECRP Precinct Delegates attended a MI GOP state convention down state and had themselves a good time sitting in the front row … Left to Right, Dennis Kelly, Karen Weedman, Jerry Weedman, Fred Simons, and Janet Szymanski. Photo Credit: Geri Szymanski.







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    - The Emmet County Republican Party will host a General Meeting on October 30th at 7:00 pm at the Northern Lights Recreation Center conference room in Harbor Springs. Petoskey School Superintendent John Scholten will be speaking about the upcoming education millage.

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