From the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR):

As the Biden Border Crisis rages, the House is scheduled to vote on two MASSIVE amnesty bills this week!

Speaker Pelosi and House Democrats are clearly not getting the message. So let’s remind them:

Now is not the time for any bill that does not address the concerns of the American people, especially not an amnesty which will only make the crisis worse. 

We need to stop these amnesty bills dead in their tracks. That is why I am asking you to please take action now and contact your representative!

Here is what to do:

  1. Click the take action button (link below) and follow the steps to send a message to your elected official telling them to VOTE NO on the two amnesty bills slated for consideration this week: H.R. 6 – American Dream and Promise Act and H.R. 1603 – Farm Workforce Modernization Act.
  2. Share the “Take Action” link with your friends and family members on social media or through email so that they can make their voices heard as well.
It is up to us to take a stand against these “America Last” proposals. If you have a few minutes, please take action now.