Emmet County Republican Party

Executive Committee Meeting

Northern Lights Recreation Center

January 5, 2015


-Meeting opened at 6:03 p.m.

-Pledge of allegiance

-Invocation by Nancy Sarowski


-Nancy spoke to the importance of and term limit of our bylaws.


-Motion made by Greg Somers to adopt Roberts Rules of Order until approval of our bylaws.

Second by Mark Rosczewski.

No discussion requested

Passed by voice vote

-Motion made and seconded to approve, then amend bylaws.

Much discussion was had

Motion withdrawn


-New motion by Lou Zako to amend items one at a time.

More discussion

Motion passed


-Many amendments and wording changes were made. (See original copy presented, and finished copy)


-Motion made by John Ferguson to authorize signers on the bank account as Nancy Sarowski and Greg Somers.

Second by Sherry Loar-Trudell

Passed by voice vote


Discussion on reimbursements from 2014 expenses:


-$10.00 to Brian Sommerfield for flag.

-$20.00 to Nancy Sarowski for the flag stand

-$522.50 to Greg Somers for lawyers invoice

-$134.00 to Greg Somers for the republican P.O. box

-$103.03 for Office Max expenses

-$275.00.00 to June Jackson for county fair

-$300.00 to June Jackson for Insurance premium

-$49.00 to Nancy Sarowski for stamps


-All motioned, seconded, and with no discussion requested by anyone, were passed by voice vote.


-Discussion to table the $500.00 expense to Keith Almli until we get a more detailed report on what this expense would detail in the creation and maintenance of the website.

Nancy will contact Brian Sommerfield to get details. To be brought up at next meeting.


-Discussion on permanent nametags for the Executive Committee tabled until we could get more information on the cost of the tags and whether or not we would put the Emmet Co. logo on them. Will be brought up at the next meeting.


-Discussion held on amount of dues and collection of dues.

Youth Membership 21 and under                               $  10.00

Regular Membership                                                   $  35.00

Couples Membership                                                  $  50.00

One adult Membership w/2 tickets to 1 dinner event $100.00

Motioned, seconded, no discussion requested, passed by voice vote


– Mark put together a precinct delegate packet which included the Republican Platform.  Motion was made and passed to approve the packet and distribute it to all precinct delegates.


-A motion was made to give $500.00 to the MMA event where Stacey Swimp would be to help cover costs.


Discussion was whether we use money for non-republican events. It was stated     that as long as the cause was in alignment with the republican party, that we could    use it for outreach purposes.


-Discussion was held on appointing liaisons and chairmen for Standing Committees

Finance-Karen LaCross, Liaison, Greg Somers, Chairman

Election-  Mark Rosczewski, Liaison

Events- Jenny Nolan, Liaison, Stephanie Chatfield/ Carolyn Whittle Co-Chairmen

Technology- Johnathon Klonowski, Liaison,  Brian Sommerfield, Chairman

Youth- Mike Sullivan, Liaison, Greg Somers, Chairman

Issues- Lou Zako, Liaison, Gail Kozlowski, Chairman

Outreach- Rich Ginop, Liaison

Publicity- John Ferguson, Liaison


-John will make press release to list the Northern Lights Recreation Center as our regular meeting place.


March meeting will be run by Vice Chair John Ferguson as Nancy will be out of town.


Need speakers for our March and April General Meetings.


Possibilities for speakers: Wayne Schmidt and Lee Chatfield.


Adjourned 9:15 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Karen LaCross, Secretary